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Monday, October 11, 2010

WOAH! Its been quite a long time since i entered this page of the blog. Feels great to be back. haha. Well, but not exactly good cause A's are just around the bend, and my preparation have been slow but surely moving forward. Past few weeks have been filled with many emotions and thoughts about school life. Glad that this whole trauma is over and that i can fully concentrate on my preparations for my A's now. Im so gonna get decent grades for my A's to prove that an 18pointer can do it. Also im so gonna get into a course that i like in local university. So its full throttle ahead from now on!! LETS GO YUXUN LETS GO!!

WEll, at least i know my math is improving slowly after all the math intensive and past year papers that i've been doing. Hope it all works out. However im still not that sure about the rest, geog, econs and bio. Sigh. Hope i can pull these grades up! So, i shall keep requesting and pestering the teachers for consultations from now on... hehehe... I really need a miracle! haha

Okay thats all for now, gotta blast! i mean study. seeya!

1:42 PM

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its been such a looooong time since the last decent post. But this yet again is not a decent post, just to update and revive my blog. Well, june holidays has come and went and so has the mid years. Did pretty badly this time round. Don't really know why for some subjects but certainly for some. And A levels are just around the corner, with around 94 days left to prepare! SO gonna die. Maybe i should just U turn or something. What's more, my mind is just filled with other things rather than the prelims let alone A lvls. What with the upcoming national sports day carnival( which will be super sad if it rains) making me so excited and the DnD after A levels. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow is parents teacher meeting, hope it goes well! well thats all, 2 tests tmr and consultation for bio before the meet. Wish me Luck! =)

10:09 PM

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Had handball Friendly(s) yesterday with NUS. Really thank GOD that i could be fit enough to play as keeper for 50 mins total, even though my performance wasnt really there yet. Seems like the lack of training really affects my concentration levels and reflexes. Well that was at least as the games progressed on. For the first match, i think i played relatively well although i started off slowly off the blocks and just stared at a few shots as they whizzed past me. But after a couple more shots, i started to feel the concentration oozing into my head and my focus became clearer. Yeah, so after that i managed to make a few one on one saves. The score was 8-8 at the end of the first game and i think the team played very well by scoring so many in the first game of the day, although i think i should have done better to save more shots. =( I sat out the whole of the next match with Tuck Heng and the new potential fauzi interchanging as keeper. From being a spectator outside, i could really see things clearer, and the team has really been improving alot under coach's guidance. Shots by Szexin, Kai Keat and JunJie were much more explosive and powerful then what it once already was, keepers were really improving in terms of the reflexes as well as their ability to play in other positions as well.

The next few matches, the team continued to improve while my form stuttered more and more as the game wore on. My weaknesses started to get more and more exposed, from my inability to cover angles for wing shots to my lazy legs and to my occasional indecisiveness. With all these weaknesses out loud for all to see, i conceded plenty of goals. SORRY GUYS!!

Well, but the plus points are that the NUS keepers were really friendly! They even approached me and gave me tips on how to cover the goal more and to train. TOTALLY AWESOME RIGHT? Hopefully as Adiv approaches(and i can play), i will be a much better player than i am now and help the team, NYJC and Coach to victory instead of a liability at the back. YEAH =D

4:01 PM

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holidays are here! Well not really much of one, what with all the preparations i need for this coming mid years, and the holiday homework that needs to be done. But most importantly, i have to use this holiday for the preparation of the final paper of the year- A levels. This would be the last long break that im ever gonna have this year, so i have got to make full use of it. God, i need you to help me. I need to have the determination to focus, the perseverance to reject all temptation as well as the wisdom to absorb all this knowledge to apply them. So far, i think i've been doing okay, following the scehdule quite closely. What with a week going to be gone with table tennis chalet and Church camp. Yup. So gotta start working hard now.

On the lighter note, i think im starting to catch up on some stuff already, and hopefully my poor poor results can improve by this mid years. That would definitely give me the confidence boost that i need now. Well, its getting late, time to sleep!

Things would have been much better if it was like a few months back though...

2:15 AM

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The past few months have yet again swept past me with a blink of an eye. Im not saying that it wasnt significant, but it was definitely emotional for many. What with many J2's stepping down from their respective CCA's, competitions starting to end, as well as many other beautiful chapters coming to a close. However, not all is bad as now is also the time where the J1's or successors take over from us while we prepare for the mugging war so as to move on to the next phase of our lives. Still, i wanna encourage many of my friends, even though they might not read this, to continue to work hard and stay strong and be happy. Unhappy memories of the past should not be forgotten but rather we should earn from them and become stronger and better. We have all already did our best and we have nothing to regret now. For me, no matter which CCA's we are from be it from sports such as Table Tennis, Volleyball,handball or clubs such as Interact Club and House Exco, WE ARE ALWAYS THE CHAMPIONS!! Yeah, so lets not dwell on the past anymore and work towards the future. God Bless all!!=)

10:12 AM

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2nd may has come and gone but i cant say that it wasnt special and AWESOME!! It totally is!! Thanks guys for the birthday wishes via sms( Joey, WeiBin, Geraldine,CiHui, Clarence,Xinling,JunJie,YanLing,Ryan,Asraf,ZhiYang,JingWen,ShuYi,Mingliang,,Kevin,DaoJing,YanJing ,LiTing, ZhengYi, Adrian! ) and the many awesome ppl from Facebook too! =) Thanks guys for making this birthday so memorable for me. Oh and i also want to especially thank my family, for bringing me out for Good food the whole day as well as for making my favourite cheesecake for me, The table tennis team for giving me a surprise present and celebration at KFC after our movie outing, Church classmates for singing me a birthday song in class, the people who msged and chit chatted with me on the day and the many more! THANK YOU!! This 18th was truly a memorable one especially since i was feeling kinda down at the start. Hope we can all keep in contact soon!! Jiayou in all ur studies or work! =)

9:19 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally the A divs are OVER!! Finally have more time to myself to study and spend time with friends instead of training everyday. But im not saying table tennis is not fun! It is! Just that everyday of training and competition really tires me out and thankfully there is this much needed break after some time. Yup, so hopefully i will be able to catch up with all my schoolwork and improve my grades now. Oh and i have gone back to handball training now, after not going for like since a few weeks before A divs. But something still bothers me. I don't want to be known as disloyal to table tennis just because i joined handball training immediately after A divs is over. I've always been giving more than my 100% for table tennis every training, but its just that im not as talented in that area as i would have wanted it to be. Although i got in through appeal, i know that i am still one of the weakest in the team. But nevertheless, i still give it my all to improve. Also, it has always been my dream to join a territorial invasion cca and finally im able to in this point of my life. So i really hope that i can continue with this cca. But the main thing would be that my grades would have to improve first! I've already promised my teachers that only if i can attain acceptable grades will i then continue with the cca.If not, i would have no choice but to give it up. So i will have to work doubly hard from now on!! HANG IN THERE!!

Oh yah and i got back my pw results already! Got an A!=) Really wanna thanks alot of people for their help especially my group mates for their constant encouragement and guidance. I really couldnt have done it without the help of you guys! A for AFO HAY! Oh but i think many people in my class did not get the grades that they deserved. They should be getting higher marks than me! This really makes me feel that i really dont deserve this grade that im getting. Sigh.

11:16 PM

Self Obsession;

Ng Yu Xun 16 going on 17 ChelseaFC!!! Left-footed playmaker

Make me happy;

Passing like Alexander Hleb
Free Kick like Gareth Bale
Crossing like Stewart Downing
Shots like Robin Van Persie
Speed like Gianfranco Zola
Dribbling like Arjen Robben
Corners like Morten Gamst Pedersen
Leadership like Raul Gonzalez
Skill like Niko Kranjcar


New pair of soccer boots
Enter a good JC
Join a soccer club/team
Play in the EPL
Win Cage XD
Keep in contact with my primary and secondary school friends
Be like Alexander Hleb

The Team;

Goalkeepers: Edmund,Chun Kit
PS: Pls inform me if i missed out on anyone!
Fellow Professionals;

No.30 Choon hwee-Sub GoalKeeper
No.16 Zi Jie-Left-Wing Wizard
No.1 Chun Kit-Goalkeeper
No.? Hui Han-er...supporter?
No.11 Fu Seng-midfield enforcer
No.29 Jing Lu-one-touch striker
No.5 Wei Bin-versatile defender
No.19 Ming Swee-Goal scoring Midfielder
No.23 Raymond-Attacking Centreback
No.7 Ryan-Dribbling Wizard
No.? Kerryn-Supporter too
Fang Yin-yet another spporter
No. 99 Brenda-Manu fan ZZZZZ
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